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Reasoning Backward: How Sherlock Holmes Can Make You a Better Problem Solver, The Best Practice Tools

The Reasoning Backward strategy can upgtade any improvement process, or it can be used as a stand-alone process. It shortens the time to identify root causes down to days or weeks instead of months, and it eliminates 90% to 100% of all defects. It also addresses cycle time reduction. We can apply the tools for to solve customer problems or train employees and coach them to become self-sufficient.

We also provide the book, Reasoning Backward: How Sherlock Holmes Can Make You a Better Problem Solver, to students so they can leave school already knowing how to be effective problem solvers.

The techniques we offer include:

The Cycle Time Reduction Tools include:

Results - Projects are completed in a few weeks, defects drop by 90%-100%, profits increase by over 100%, and the entire workforce becomes more involved and committed to improvement and Zero Defects, as everyone gets involved and becomes an effective problem solver.

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Opportunity Analysis for Successful Innovation

Opportunity Analysis identifies unmet market needs and the value of satisfying these needs before new products are developed. 40% of commercially launched new products fail because of poor understanding of market needs. OA enables companies to modify their initial product concepts, so their new products better address real market needs, which improves their probability of success.

First we work with Top Management to establish their Real Internal Screen - the kinds of new products they will enthusiastically support. Then we test acceptable initial concepts in the marketplace. The initial concept is almost never good enough to succeed, and must evolve to become successful.

Results - When a company uses its Real Screen to guide development, and when they listen to customers and respond to their real needs, then the new products they develop are market successes over 95% of the time, an order of magnitude better than traditional Stage Gate systems.

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