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Committed to Your Success

Every organization can be improved, and Young Associates guarantees to deliver positive results. With decades of experience solving problems and developing successful new products, we understand how your improvement challenges impact your business results. We guarantee to bring you effective, hands-on solutions that deliver positive results every time.

No matter what industry, we bring universal tools that have helped others create sustainable solutions. We start by talking with you about your situation and your needs. Then we customize the best solution for you from our portfolio of powerful tools. We can act as problem solvers or analysts, consultants, trainers or coaches, depending on your specific situation.

Gregg Young trained as a chemist at Rice University and spent over 35 years in industry as a hands-on problem solver, leading problem solving teams, training others in problem solving, and developing new products. Since 1985, he has been using Opportunity Analysis to assure that new product offerings are based on the best possible understanding of current and future customer needs and value. The result is new product launches with over 95% rate of success.

Since 1990, he has been developing Quality Improvement systems including the system that became Six Sigma at Dow Chemical. Since 2000, he has been studying different improvement processes to discover best practices. He discovered the tools based on Sherlock Holmes' Reasoning Backward method that are 4 times more effective than all the processes that begin with hypotheses about root causes. He documents this story in the downloadable white papers, and he provides a roadmap for adding the Reasoning Backward Tools to any improvement process in the book, Reasoning Backward: How Sherlock Holmes Can Make You a Better Problem Solver.

The result of this background in problem solving, new product development, marketing and quality is Young Associates' unique, holistic approach to business improvement. Everything starts with customer value. You can begin by making current operations flawless to maximize value for you and your customers now, or you can begin by developing successful new products to create future value. The common challenge in each case is creation of value - the difference is timing. As people become more focused on customers and their needs, company culture evolves. People become energized problem solvers, fully engaged in the business.

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